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2 min readMar 23, 2021


For our first post in the #RealCollege Best Reads series, we are featuring the greatest hits of the #RealCollege Movement to date!

These five pieces feature our #RealCollege research, reports, staff members, and affiliates. Our research on students at colleges and universities across the nation who are facing basic needs insecurities is published on these notable platforms. Read and spread our #RealCollege message — that students are humans first.

Hungry, Homeless and in College

In 2015, our president & founder, Sara Goldrick-Rab (@saragoldrickrab) co-authored a great piece in centered on students’ basic needs in The New York Times. This piece discussed students’ experiences, #RealCollege research, emergency aid, and much more.

Love Students to Success and Close Equity Gaps Through a Culture of Caring

A message that we believe and support is creating a culture of caring in higher education. This article in Diverse Issues in Higher Education by Russell Lowery-Hart (@LoweryHart) discussed that concept this idea and featured our case study of Amarillo College.

Many college graduates are relying on unemployment to pay the bills

In an CNBC piece, Alex Harring (@alex_harring) wrote about the pandemic causing college students across the nation to rely on unemployment or to move back home to pay their bills. He featured our #RealCollege During the Pandemic report to emphasize the basic needs insecurities faced by so many students.

No Home, No Wi-Fi: Pandemic Adds to Strain on Poor College Students

Our #RealCollege research and reports were featured in this article in The New York Times last year. Dan Levin (@globaldan) included data from our #RealCollege2020 and #RealCollege During the Pandemic reports as he examined how the pandemic has affected higher education and exacerbated the hunger and homelessness faced by students across the country.

What Do Colleges Owe Their Most Vulnerable Students?

Late last year, Nora Caplan-Bricker (@NCaplanBricker) examined the impact of the pandemic on colleges and universities and their students while including data from our #RealCollege 2020 Report. Additionally, she featured quotes from our founder & president, Sara Goldrick-Rab.

Stay tuned for our March 30 post by Frederick Shegog, #RealCollege Student Leadership Advisory Council member, who will focus on personal support and how community colleges and universities should be providing more services. Shegog also will help us kick off the #RealCollege Virtual Journey and release of the 2021 #RealCollege Report on March 31st. Sign up for this special event by clicking here. The national report will be available on The Hope Center website.

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